Intercept employee emails that impact your bottom line.


Prevent misdirected emails, data exfiltration, inappropriate language and advanced phishing attacks without disruption or security team overhead.

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Human Communication Risk Managment.

Volemic lets you manage email risks and automatically prevent your people from sending emails they wish they could get back.

Stop mistakes

Stop rule breaking

Stop deception

Volemic's dashboard

Accidental Data Loss Engine

    • Stop employees from sending misdirected emails and incorrect attachments.
    • Out of sight for employees until a mistake is imminent.
    • Learns and adapts to an organization’s communication patterns and language.

Data Exfiltration and Language Engine

    • Stop employees from sending sensitive data to personal email addresses.
    • Stop employees from using inappropriate or toxic language.
    • Presents all policy breaches for administrator visibility.

Email Security Engine

    • Stop employee engagement with spear phishing emails and dangerous domains.
    • Stop business email compromise, spear phishing, account takeover impersonation and ransomware.
    • Tailored employee training against targeted attacks.

94% of cyber-threats originate in email.

2019 Data Breach Investigations Report



Percentage of cyber-threats originating in email


The 3-steps to advanced email user protection.

Volemic’s Intelligent AI system learns user email behaviors and patterns, enabling it to intercept email risks and give users tailored advice and training.


Intelligent AI Learning System.

Volemic’s intelligent AI system analyses the historic language and communication patterns of every employee and contractor, building a profile of users and the organization as a whole in order to develop an understanding of typical communication behaviors.

Email network including Microsoft Office applications.


Active Threat Interception.

Volemic’s intelligent AI system scans every email sent by your workforce in real-time, looking for abnormal and risky patterns of communication, intercepting identifed policy breaches before they leave the organization.

Misdirected email alert
Misdirected email alert


Active Threat Interception.

Volemic’s intelligent AI system scans every email sent by your workforce in real-time, looking for abnormal and risky patterns of communication, intercepting identified policy breaches before they leave the organization.


Tailored Security & Compliance Training.

When a threat is intercepted, Volemic holds the email in quarantine and sends the user an alert instantaneously which includes context-specific feedback and in the moment training, empowering the user to make an informed decision as to whether the email should be unsent or not.

Email user alert

Data emailed to the incorrect recipient is the single biggest cause of reported data breaches, occurring 35% more frequently than all phishing, ransomware and malware attacks combined.

Data Security Incident Trends, 2022/23

Information Commissioner’s Office, UK


Data breaches from misdirected emails compared to phishing, ransomware and malware combined

See Volemic in action.

Learn how Volemic can help you effortlessly protect your employees from sending emails to the wrong people, whether you have 10 employees or 10,000.


Manage email user risks without disruption or overhead.

Intercept complex and evolving email threats to protect your organization’s employees, senior management and customers. Volemic’s cloud native solution integrates within an hour to secure all devices irrespective of location. With AI-driven policies enabled, your workforce receives tailored advice and training that minimizes disruption and security team overhead.


Prevent novel and evolving risks, allow business as usual emails.

Volemic’s intelligent AI system dynamically updates, taking into account new information inside your organization and from third parties, ensuring your workforce is protected from novel and emerging risks automatically.


Deliver tailored and targeted security and compliance training.

Volemic’s user alerts deliver in-the-moment security and compliance training specific to each user’s needs and correlated to their risk levels. Ensure that cybersecurity is recognized as a real and present risk that requires vigilance.


Move beyond “computer says no”.

No amount of training will eliminate human error and “computer says no” is a fast way to frustrate your workforce and your customers. Volemic’s Human Communication Risk Management platform ensures only the dangerous emails are quarantined, allowing your workforce to get on with their jobs.


Protect all devices, across all locations.

In today’s environment of remote and hybrid working, ensure your people are protected regardless of whether they are using their work desktop or laptop, a personal laptop or smartphone and wherever they are in the world.


Fully automated system, no supervision required.

As security and compliance teams face unprecedented demands and burnout, Volemic’s fully automated system eliminates the need for ongoing supervision and intervention, integrates with your existing technology stack and requires less than an hour to implement.

Following a number of regulatory breaches caused by misdirected emails, we agreed with our regulator and our clients to implement a technical solution, and have not looked back since speaking to Volemic. 

General Counsel, H2 2023

Leading international law firm with offices across 21 locations


Cloud native, AI-driven email risk prevention.

Volemic is the leading cloud native, AI-driven email risk management platform. Tailor interventions to meet your needs, configure policies to internal and external recipients, and leverage our AI-driven risk models, behavioral models and language models across emails and attachments.


Hosted securely on AWS with a secure integration to customer mail servers.

Running on-premises mail servers requires significant investment, and it’s flat-out difficult to do right. Volemic’s AWS solution for cloud email offers resilience, scale and dynamic threat detection, so you can focus on your business.

The only action type that is consistently increasing year-to-year in frequency is Error. That isn’t really a comforting thought, is it? Nevertheless, there is no getting away from the fact that people can, and frequently do, make mistakes and many of them probably work for you.

2020 Data Breach Investigations Report



Keep cloud email secure.

 Cloud email security at Volemic is our highest priority. All data sent to and from Volemic is encrypted using TLS, and all customer data is encrypted using military grade encryption.  As a Volemic customer, you benefit from a data center and network architecture that is built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.


Minimize compliance risk.

Minimize compliance risk exposure with reporting and monitoring of activity across systems.


Email risks are increasing. 

Email security and compliance incidents are on the rise, as are the costs of remediation. The Information Commissioner’s Office has identified sending data to the incorrect recipient as the leading cause of cyber incidents in 2023. According to IBM, the average cost of a spear phishing attack is $4.5 million. Meanwhile, the Ponemon Institute estimates that it takes security teams 72 hours, on average, to detect and remediate a data loss and exfiltration incident.

Ignoring the human components, and thus neglecting usability issues, is one of the largest causes of security failure. 

Security Engineering — 3rd edition 

Ross Anderson, Professor of Security Engineering, University of Cambridge 

See Volemic in action.

Learn how Volemic can help you effortlessly protect your employees from sending emails to the wrong people, whether you have 10 employees or 10,000.