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Financial and professional services organizations of all sizes use Volemic to intercept employees’ emails that threaten client confidentiality, security and compliance – automatically.

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Designed and built by University of Cambridge AI researchers

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AI-driven human communication risk management products for cloud email.

Reduce risks, protect customers and fulfil regulatory obligations. Use Volemic’s cloud native products to automatically prevent employee email blunders, manage outbound email risks and deliver in-the-moment training.

Misdirected emails

Stop employees from emailing the incorrect recipient or attaching the wrong file.

Data exfiltration

Stop employees from exfiltrating confidential or proprietary data to their personal email accounts. 


Stop employees from being tricked into responding to spear-phishing attacks.

Harmful language

Stop employees from using inappropriate, toxic or harmful language in emails.

The biggest cyber risk businesses face is not from hackers outside of their company, but from complacency within their company.

Information Commissioner issues warning as company fined £4.4 million
Information Commissioner’s Office, UK
Data breaches from misdirected emails compared to phishing, ransomware and malware combined

Reduce the costs of complacency for everyone in your organization, from summer interns to the C-suite.

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Protect your customers, your employees and your reputation, reduce your regulatory risks and lower your costs.

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Fulfil your regulatory obligations, manage the leading causes of data breaches and reduce risks for senior managers.

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Automate threat detection and prevention in an evolving risk landscape without disrupting employees or adding to security team overhead. 

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Safeguard against inadvertent errors that cause professional embarrassment, damage your career and can lead to disciplinary action.

Why Volemic.

Safeguard Your Reputation

Misdirected emails, data exfiltration, spear phishing attacks and using inappropriate language in emails all damage your organization’s reputation, putting customer relationships at risk and increasing stress and pressure on staff.

Satisfy Your Regulators

Demonstrate to data privacy and professional and financial services regulators that you have  implemented appropriate technical measures to prevent cyber incidents and mitigate some of the hardest risks to address in your risk register.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Eliminate time consuming and costly regulatory notifications, investigations, fines and other sanctions as well as ransomware payouts, contract breaches, litigation, higher insurance premoiums, damage to customer relationships and lost jobs.

Volemic is led by technology entrepreneurs that combine extensive experience in law, financial services and healthcare with deep AI and cloud computing expertise.

Success Story

Harrington Starr

Protecting revenue, reducing costs and managing risk.

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“Harrington Starr has been a customer of Volemic’s for years, and we trust Volemic’s DNA to always do the right thing for its customers. If you’re in the people business you understand that human error is inevitable and Volemic is one of those rare cybersecurity companies that outdelivers on its promises to make this problem go away with an attractive cost per data breach prevented.”

Chief Executive Officer

“Volemic prevents cyber incidents every week, saving us from potentially damaging data breaches that in the past have resulted in time consuming and expensive risk mitigation exercises that impact the bottom line.”

Chief Operations Officer

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