6 June, 2023
Angus J Allen

Volemic’s 3-Point Cybersecurity Guide to Untrustworthy Human Communication

3 Point Strategy Guide Cover Social Media

Training is not enough to protect your regulated business from damaging email blunders.  Here’s what to do about it…

When I first made the transition from lawyer to leader, I used to believe that if you hired smart people and trained them well you would be immune to all but the most sophisticated security threats.  But I soon learned how wrong I was.  No amount of training protects your organization against the careless insider (Mr. Bump is as Mr. Bump does).

The careless insider is now the leading cause of data breaches at regulated organizations and email has become the largest threat vector.  So when you protect and support your people with a language learning system that understands each staff member’s email patters and behaviours while putting them in complete control, magical things happen.  You give your organization and your customers a security safety net while at the same time building a culture that trusts and supports your people.

Without a language learning system, preventing email blunders is nearly impossible.  In my experience, there are three critical components to preventing the number one cause of data breaches:

  • Instil a culture of vigilance
  • Implement 5 technical controls
  • Integrate a language learning system

If you’re a senior leader, IT manager or compliance professional at a regulated organization and you’d like to secure your organization against the leading cause of security incidents, then grab a complimentary copy of my 3-Point Cybersecurity Guide to Untrustworthy Human Communication 👇

Written by

Angus J Allen

Angus J Allen

Angus is Founder and CEO at Volemic. In this role, Angus oversees all aspects of Volemic's product development, operations and sales internationally. Before launching Volemic, Angus spent 20 years as a technology lawyer, banker and leader.

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